Research Paper:  Eco-Fascism in the Extreme Right 
Research Paper:  "Unstructured Terrorism"? Assessing Left Wing Extremism in Australia.
Book Chapter: Contemporary Right Wing Extremism in Australia.
Book Review: Bringing the War Home by Kathleen Belew
Research Paper: Australian Right Wing Extremist Ideology: Narratives of Nemesis and Nostalgia
Research Paper: A "Lunatic Fringe"? The Persistence of Right Wing Extremism in Australia
Research Paper: The Ustasa in Australia: A Review of Right Wing Ustasa Terrorism from 1963-1973, and Factors that Enabled their Endurance.
Research Paper: Blast Through the Past: Terrorist Attacks on Arts and Antiquities as a Reconquest of the Modern Jihadi Identity
Thesis: Under the Shadows of Swords: Propaganda of the Deed in the History of Terrorism.