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Dr Campion (BA (Hons 1 Class) PhD (JCU) is Lecturer of Terrorism Studies in the Master of Terrorism and Security Studies degree at Charles Sturt University. She is Joint Editor-in-Chief of Salus Journal, is on the editorial board of Extremism and the National Security Journal, and was a  guest editor of Social Sciences Special Issue on the Global Rise of the Far Right.


Dr Campion was selected as the Younger Visiting Fellow of the Centre for Researching Extremism (C-REX) at the University of Oslo, and contributor of the Australian Right-wing terrorism and violence dataset. 

Her research has recently focused on right wing extremism. She has published research on the development, evolution, and ultimate persistence of right wing extremism in Australia. She has investigated Australian right wing extremist ideology and their domestic interconnectivity.


Her research on the extreme right also covers gender and the participation of women; theories and ideologies; and transnational links. She developed and lectures Australia’s only subject on Right Wing Extremism and Terrorism. 



Doctor of Philosophy (History)

James Cook University


Honours (First Class) James Cook University


Bachelor of Arts

James Cook University

"Under the Shadows of Swords" examined how four terrorist milieus (anarchist, anti-colonialist, New Left, and Salafi jihadist) exploited the strategy of Propaganda of the Deed. She was able to trace its evolution and migration across the globe.

"Blood and Fire" examined the use of propaganda by terrorist groups, comparing Narodnaya Volya and Al'Qaeda to speculate the possibility of an intellectual tradition for terrorist communication.

With a focus on modern history and archaeology, this degree spanned terrorism, forensics, political science, nationalism studies, modern military history, and global affairs. 

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