About Dr Kristy Campion

Dr Kristy Campion is a historian who specialises in terrorism and extremism. 

Kristy Campion holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons First Class). Her Doctor of Philosophy (History) focused on Propaganda of the Deed in the history of terrorism. She examined  terrorist strategies for violence and communication over the past 140 years, focusing on the Narodnaya Volya, the Irish Republican Army, the Red Army Faction, and Al Qaeda. 

Dr Campion has lectured and tutored extensively in history, politics, and philosophy. She currently lectures the History of Terrorism, Contemporary Terrorism, and Right Wing Terrorism and Extremism at Charles Sturt University. She often speaks with industry, academia, media and other community stakeholders on terrorism threats. She is happy to support research students via email.


Dr Campion publishes peer-reviewed research on terrorism and extremism. Since 2018, her research focused on  right wing extremism in Australia, its transnational and domestic connections, and its ideologically driven narratives. She is currently writing the history of terrorism and extremism in Australia, spanning nationalist, left wing, right wing, and jihadist extremism. 

She was recently awarded a Charles Sturt University grant to research how extremists are exploiting COVID-19 in Australia, to understand what implications it may have for national security and community safety. This research is ongoing.